In the meantime...

Like we promised you guys last time, we’d like to update you on the current status of our upcoming album. There’s not much to reveal at this point unfortunately. However, we can announce that some really cool news is coming up.

We’re currently finishing the last mixes and are almost ready to send our songs off to mastering. In the meanwhile we have started working on the concept for the album cover and promotional material. When we have something we can share with you, may it be behind the scenes shots or the actual album cover presentation, we will let you know through every available channel possible.

We have also settled on definite names for all tracks that are going to be on the record as well as the album title itself. This took some time and arguing back and forth! We will announce the title to our upcoming album at the same time we’ll be revealing the artwork. In the meanwhile keep a close eye on our Facebook and Instagram for more frequent informal updates and enjoy some great tunes over here.