Upcoming album and tour.

Here’s a message after a great period of absence on this website. We’ve been extremely busy writing and recording our upcoming album on which we’ll have some exciting news in the near future. As soon as we know more about the title, artwork or any release dates we’ll let you guys know immediately.

Next to the writing process we’ve been busy with taking care of responsibilities outside music like work and studying. Luckily we’ve found the time to give a new boost to this band and are heavily looking to play more shows the coming year. We’re very eager to introduce our music and energetic live shows to all of you in a venue near you! We would also like to take this moment to thank everyone that has supported us over the years, we truly appreciate you and consider you family. We couldn’t have done it without your support. If you feel you know something that might help us forward in our musical career or just want to talk, just shoot us a message on one of our social channels and we’d be happy to talk to you!